The girl of Venus

You’ve left your mark on the world by splitting the sky in two, and every time you cry, the sky does too. You have volcanoes erupting in your chest, and lava running down your veins. They call you a wanderer and then lock you up in chains. You’re a beautiful disaster falling to earth with a dull thud. You bend, but don’t break, and there’s never any blood. Your face still lights up, eyes crystal clear, and one day they will be filled with love, and not fear. No matter how many times you lose your heart by letting it roam, you always pick up the pieces and find your way home. No need to leave the house, when I can see the galaxy in your eyes, and music to me is the sound of your sweet lies. You talk about the earthquakes that rattle through your bones. I like picnics in the park, but you prefer tombstones. I see the lightning tucked under your skin, and the storm in your shaky breath. A dark figure’s come to retrieve you, I think it might be death. You see my worried face, but smirk at me like you’ve know for a while. I find solace in your absence, I’ve finally seen the girl of Venus smile.

– t.l.j



I pressed a bottle of Hennessy to my lips to try and see how good this stupid drink had to be for you to give up everything you ever loved. Your family, your job, your friends, me. I spit it up right away, it tasted like poison…tasted like you.